Deposition: Marc Headley Admits Violence Against Colleagues

Marc Headley, during deposition in Los Angeles in 2009, is questioned about incidents of physical abuse against several former colleagues.


Q: How many times did you punch Jon De Vries; different incidents?

A: I have no idea.

Q: Do you remember one time going into his trailer and shoving him against a cabinet and a desk?

A: No.

Q: I understand there is an incident and you lunged for him, shoved him, knocked him down and hit him in the face while he was on the floor, several times?

A: No. The lunging…

Q: Do you remember that?

A: I remember that a version of that happened.

Q: You had a lot of fights with Erick Geisler, didn’t you? Is that right?

A: I actually did, yeah.

Q: Samantha Silcock…do you remember an incident where you grabbed her by the back of the neck and the arm, and pushed her all the way out to the set and hurt her arm or neck?

A: No, I don’t.

Q: Krystal Simmons, do you remember her?

A: Yes, I remember Krystal.

Q: Do you remember an incident in May 2004 where she wanted to interview you; you refused and you pushed her away, pushed her down?

A: I don’t remember pushing her down.

Q: Do you deny touching her?

A: I don’t deny touching her. I don’t deny—I don’t remember.

Q: Sometimes when you have these incidents of great anger or violence, does your memory kind of fade out a bit?

A: [silence]