A Violent Confrontation Left Marc Headley’s Co-worker Battered and Shaken

A former colleague recounts an incident of Marc Headley, who was twice his size, suddenly going berserk and violently attacking him.


I’d known Marc to be very aggressive and liked to bully. Like, he was into hitting other people and being loud about it and that type of thing.

In 1997, when I was on our film crew in the camera department, we had a day of shooting that was really delayed and where we had gone on for hours without being able to start shooting that day. And this was caused from bad logistics set up for the shoot for that day, which was Marc’s job—was to do that logistical set up and get everyone coordinated on the crew to be able to shoot.

And so I was earnestly trying to find out what was our plan and is there something we needed to do to solve it so we could get into production.

And this really set him off somehow and he started cussing back to me and next thing I knew I was looking down, putting some equipment away in cases, and—next thing I knew, which was a moment after he had been cussing back to me, I looked up and there was Marc and he came flying at me, like he was running at me and he jumped on me, punching me in the face, and tackled me onto the floor. And he was really heavy. I mean, he was about twice my weight and he had his full body on top of me and he was pinning me down with his legs and his body while he was punching me and continually punching me in the face, hitting my body and just going at it for probably about 30 seconds.

This wasn’t a playful fight in some way. He was going at it to really injure me and so when he was on top of me my back was scraping against the ground, he was—there was other equipment nearby. I mean, the whole thing just kind of toppled over things, him on top of me and it hurt.

I was trying to hold my hands up in defense but he had pinned me down pretty well. I was screaming back at him to stop and get off of me and trying to defend myself as much as I could and kind of putting my head in or trying to hold my hands up as much as I could from him continuing to hit me. And it—he was too heavy for me to do anything but kind of keep taking the beating. I mean, he was a big, big guy compared to me. I was just over five feet tall at the time and until the other crew really wrestled him off I was pretty helpless against someone his size and his weight and Marc knew it. He was a lot older than me, a lot bigger than me and knew I wasn’t going to be able to defend myself against him throwing his whole weight at me.