Marc Headley’s Brutish and Forceful Behavior Caused Tension, Recounts Samantha

A former colleague recounts Marc Headley regularly abusing her and other film crew and taking pride in it.


I went into the makeup department and have been part of the film unit for a very long time. And then Marc Headley came in the beginning of 1995. Things changed pretty drastically when he came onto the film team. Things got very physical.

Things were way more intense in terms of, you know, just being kind of very angsty on the set. He was always very, like very brutish, you know, and took pride in the fact that he was a total brute. Loved doing it. He loved “pranksting” people, he loved to, you know, bully people, he loved to be physical with people and that’s kind of how he ran the set when he started in the film crew.

There was a point when, you know, I was getting actors ready for filming and, you know, we got the actors to the set and I was in the makeup room grabbing something and Marc needed me on set. And he literally came in and grabbed me by the neck and started forcefully pushing me down the hall towards the set. They were nowhere near ready shooting. It wasn’t a necessary action. It was just more, you know, he basically liked to be very forceful. And he would tend to do that where he would grab me by the neck and push me around. And I’ve seen him do that to others on the film crew as well.

Frankly, since he’s been gone, we’re the greatest team ever. Everything is very smooth. We’re one big happy family. We get a lot of filming done and, you know, things are very pleasant and very nice team to work with. And when Marc Headley was around, he did not create that. He created a very sour kind of environment. And that was who he was. That’s what he did.