A Forceful Assault From Marc Headley Left Krystal on the Ground

A former colleague recalls Marc Headley responding to her communication with inexplicable violence, throwing her to the ground.


I was going to see Marc Headley about—asking some questions about staff courses, which is just a normal, routine activity. And, you know, I just happened to be seeing him on it that day, nothing, no—he had no issues that I was trying to bring up.

And I was on my way to see him and I was in the hallway that was leading up to his office and I happened to run into him at that point. So I started, you know, having the conversation. He seemed to be having a reaction or a disagreement. You know, I was trying to sort that out and it wasn’t sorting out. He started exploding and then he just kept yelling and then I was trying to—again—I was trying to sort it out. I was not trying to upset him. Then I was up against the wall, you know, just—and he happened to be like to the side. And instead of going around, you know, he pushed me and then pulled my arm down, you know, and basically throwing, throwing my body to the ground and I fell over. I thought he was actually going to stop. That did not happen. He stormed away and kept going and he didn’t look back.

It was not light. It wasn’t just a push. It was like, it was force.

Since that incident with Marc Headley, I’ve had this part of my shoulder right here, it gets very painful, you know, at times when I do certain things. The reason why I attribute it to that is because it’s never—it wasn’t before that. It was only after that, that I noticed that that started happening and then, you know, and then it would be okay for some times but then if, you know, I start working it, it’s clearly weaker.

And I’ve never gotten any apology. He’s never spoken to me since and I certainly was not about to have another conversation after that. So, unfortunately, that is how that ended.