Marc Headley Was Both Unprofessional and Incompetent, Says Co-worker

A former colleague describes Marc Headley’s bizarre conduct of picking fights for fun and his dishonest dealings.


I’m the Director of Post Production which means that after—in the studio we shoot things. I take it from the point of shooting to the point of export out of the organization or the Church.

I’d be meeting with the guy who was running special effects and, you know, we’d be going over stuff and Marc would wander in. And he’d kind of get into the communication and then he’d say something to the guy and then, like, within about thirty seconds, they were on the floor, like, having a fight. They were like literally—and they were rolling over and it’s just like, you know, you’re calling someone to help you pull these guys apart. And then they’d get up and, like, you know, he’d kind of, “Whoa, ah, that was fun!”

And that was how he dealt with people. I mean, he just walked out. I was like shocked. I saw that twice and both times I was like shocked anyone would even—what are we doing, what are you doing? Fight in the middle of a production space? That was bizarre.

There was a time that we were looking at how we were going to display our media out in Churches. And what we did was we were looking for TV screens and something that would display the image correctly. That’s very important. And so he had, through his contacts, found these different TV screens. And I remember looking at the first one, I went, “Whoa! That’s kind of a little bit rough,” you know, and the color wasn’t correct and it didn’t display the image right. And he was kind of going, “Oh, it’ll be totally fine. It’ll be fine.”

When he bought all these different monitors and we found out that they weren’t okay, because we then started running programs to them and you’d look at them and they weren’t okay, he essentially lost a lot of money for the Church, because he’d committed and bought them. He’d actually, you know, signed on the line and the TVs arrived and they were now ours. And when we looked at them they couldn’t be used. So, yeah, he lost a lot of money.