Marc Headley Bullied an Arachnophobe by Playing Cruel Gag

A former colleague details how Marc Headley staged a “prank” with a tarantula, knowing it would cause severe distress to another.


Marc could be described as a prankster, but not your normal prankster where you’re doing funny jokes on people or harmless activities. He would do things that were degrading or upsetting.

One prank that Marc did was on someone that was a very known arachnophobe. And he knew this because anyone who knew this person knew that they were afraid of spiders and very seriously so. And so he took it upon himself to put a live tarantula in their desk drawer and told them that somebody had left something there for them and that they should come get it. And when the person went there to find the thing—the office was dark, by design, so you couldn’t exactly see what you were going to run into right away. And, you know, the person was trying to find what was left for them and finally discovered this tarantula in their drawer by shuffling around in their drawer with their hand. And this really upset that person, very much so.

Like, it’s—if someone is afraid of heights and you go and blindfold them, take them up to a twenty story building and put them on the edge and then take the blindfold away, you can imagine how scared they’d be. That type of prank like where—we’re talking things that actually upset people or put them in a position of distress so that they were not fully focused on what they need to be doing, or, I mean, no one needs to be doing anything in such a position. But this was a common trait with Marc.