From Bullying, Fights and Cruelty to Animals, Marc Headley’s HR Officer Saw It All

A Human Resources Officer relates her efforts to reform Marc Headley; he persisted in bullying and hurting people.


Marc Headley was a dyed-in-the-wool bully. He cared for no one except himself. He took the time to hurt others and liked to do so.

One person who had arachnophobia—and this was not like minor arachnophobia; this was serious, like total freak out material. And Marc knew this and intentionally found a live tarantula, who knows where from, but Marc Headley found it and put it, the live tarantula, in this guy’s desk drawer so that when he came in he would see it. The guy went out of his head. Like, he was so freaked out, like I think it took him weeks to get over this joke that Marc had played on him, knowing how bad he would react to it. He still did it and literally was laughing manically about it while it was happening with no regard for this person and what it might do to him.

Even with the discipline he got, you know, just to stop, like, stop hurting people, stop beating them up, stop playing practical jokes that were just sick, he would not do it. He just wouldn’t end. It was like his life to bring hurt and harm to whoever or whatever. From breaking equipment, to killing animals to, you know, watching animals in pain, to causing pain on people. That was his life.

There was one time where he caught an opossum and, you know, an opossum isn’t like a great animal but it’s an animal. And he literally had it pinned down on the ground while he took his motorcycle, it was a TW [Yamaha Trailway], and he literally was driving it back and forth over this animal while it was squealing, and manically laughing while doing so. No matter how many people were literally trying to stop him and grab him and get him off the bike it was just—it was something he loved to do. He loved to just be cruel, hurt animals, hurt people—it didn’t matter to him. That was Marc.

He beat people up and had no remorse about it. He would take, you know, people who were smaller than him and slam them up against a wall, whether it was a younger guy or, you know, even a friend of mine, a woman, and he literally just like threw her up against a wall. That was Marc. And no matter what discipline was brought to him for doing that, it meant nothing to him. It was, like, it was an enjoyment for him.

As his Human Resources Officer, I tried repeatedly to, you know, other than just disciplining him because it was like, “Wow! What are you doing?” And, you know, trying to get him to reform and see that what he was doing actually was, you know, not nice and that he was actually hurting people. He didn’t care. He didn’t reform. And so when he left I was like, “Good riddance.” We don’t need people like that here. The people here love being here and getting rid of him was no loss.