Embezzlement Found in Marc Headley Investigation, Reports Internal Affairs Director

Gerald, a director of internal affairs, tells of confronting Marc Headley with his embezzlement of Church funds and, rather than be accountable, Headley took off.


How I would describe Marc Headley’s work ethic is equivalent to someone who was never really on the job with the same purpose as the rest of the group here. In my dealings with him and my experiences with him he was never very honest. He always had some other game going, so to speak.

I’ll tell you exactly why Marc Headley left Golden Era Productions. As the Director of Internal Affairs, I was dealing with him over a situation where he was embezzling Church funds. He was selling property of the Church and making a personal profit on it, about $14,000, which he had in his personal account. We met about this and we went over how he was going to actually handle this matter and take some accountability for it, because obviously such matters are not taken lightly by the Church. So what occurred was he went his way, he went home, I went home. The next day we were supposed to meet. He never showed up. He disappeared.