Marc Headley Bragged About Stealing From a Small Business, Recounts Colleague

A former colleague tells of Marc Headley confessing to stealing from a business and thinking it was comical.


Another thing about Marc is that he would confess to things that he did in his younger years.

I remember we were working and he was talking about this time where he…. There was a truck that belonged to a pizza company that was near where he lived, and he noticed that they would put the income for the day inside their truck. So him and his friends broke into the truck and took about $1,500 of cash from the bag and then they went and buried it somewhere, because they didn’t know what to do with the money. And he said how the company ended up going out of business. He noticed that it sort of disappeared after that and he thought it was sort of a funny thing that he did when he was a kid.

But he would just confess to these things, like if it was just like a comical thing that he did when he was a kid and “Look how funny that was.” And that was kind of like his behavior that he would typically get into.