Marc Headley’s Invented Narrative Brought About His Loss in Court, Says Mark Rathbun

Mark Rathbun relates how anti-Scientologists deliberately try to mislead and falsify Marc Headley’s devastating loss in the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


A key part of the anti-Scientology narrative, as partially authored by Lawrence Wright, continuously published by Tony Ortega, endlessly repeated by Rinder and the other outlets on the troll farms, is that “Dang! We had Scientology—the FBI was right on them—and they got saved by this thorny Constitution as interpreted by limp-wristed liberal justices of the Ninth Circuit.” Okay. That’s literally an invented narrative. On several levels.

The first level is this, and I’ll— if you read the opinion, you don’t need the Constitution, you don’t even need the constitutional analysis. First of all, the Ninth Circuit statement of constitutional protections afforded religion is absolutely accurate. And that it was applied to Scientology is absolutely nothing new. It had been consistently applied for decades. Okay. So there’s no news there. But, if you read the opinion, they didn’t even need the Constitution. They found on a factual basis, if you literally broke down the facts, they wouldn’t even need constitutional protection because the facts didn’t support the accusations of the civil wrongs that they alleged. Okay.

Now, we know that the FBI investigation was prompted by the Headleys. And really that was the core of their case, right. So Wright and these people say well—and he, once he pontificates that, they all bow down in ASC [Anti-Scientology Cult] and adopt that as Moses speaking from the Mount, right. They said factually—the courts said factually—you don’t have a case.