Brother Says Claire Tore the Family Apart by Selling False Stories

Claire Headley’s brother exposes the falsity of her retold life as a Church staff member and how she has peddled her lies.


It’s really, it’s really frustrating when you take something that’s so personal as a family relationship—and no family is perfect, you know, we’re not angels here—so things happen and there are disagreements, but there’s never been an effort to—on Claire’s part—to reconcile with us. It’s not true. So how can you pretend that it is?

When Claire was in the Sea Org she had a position of, you know, higher responsibility and she was trying to get me to join the Sea Org. And I remember long phone calls with her about how great it was and how much fun she was having and how she thought that I would benefit a lot from also doing the same types of activities. From what she told me, it sounded like she was very happy with what she was doing and she—enough so that she was trying to get me, in my early teenage years, to consider this as a career and for my life.

So she was in the Sea Org for this long period of time, over a decade, and she never said anything to me that she was unhappy. There wasn’t a single time that I ever had an idea that she wasn’t totally happy with her lifestyle. She had a beautiful Dalmatian, the dog that she had, and she used to show us pictures of her playing with the dog and then she’d go motorcycle riding and stuff. And to me, always seemed like, you know, she was working hard to accomplish something and there’s definitely, you know, hard work involved in any worthwhile endeavor but she also was able to have a life with her husband and her pets and so forth. So, to me there was never any indication that it was not going totally fine.

We saw her around New Year’s and everything was fine. It’s my sister and, you know, everything’s fine. And then two weeks later she’s, she’s like, has all these stories about what’s been, what’s happened. And I, you know, her own family didn’t hear anything about it. So to me it’s like, it’s bizarre.

These things that, you know, they’ve been proven in court to be lies and I know they’re lies because growing up, I never heard anything about them.

She’s the one that is selling her stories for, I don’t know, tens of thousands of dollars, whatever it is. So all she’s doing is making money from her, from her own actions and her own irresponsibility and leaving our family.