Mother Exposes Claire Headley’s Attempt at Rewriting Life History

Claire Headley’s mother reveals the wide disparity between the actual events of their life together and Claire’s attempted revision.


I think what Claire’s doing is unbelievably awful. And I think—Claire and Marc have aligned themselves with Anonymous. They’ve spread lies. And I think that, unfortunately, she’s going down a road where every step she takes, she’s doing more harm so she’s going into oblivion.

The first Christmas when she [Claire] was in the Sea Org [Church’s religious order], she went in, she joined the Sea Org in like, in July or so. And that first Christmas, we went away to visit my husband’s—Hugh’s—family in South Carolina. And Claire came with us. She got leave to go away—to come away with us at Christmas time. We had a nice Christmas there. By the next year, she was married and she had Christmas with Marc. And they always used to come visit us at Christmas for a few days.

And she loved it. I know that she loved it. We saw her so many times down through the years. She was happy.

We went through our photographs and such, like—we had a picture of Marc on jet skis in the Caribbean and, you know, all the times that we got together. It’s like, you know, and Claire is saying that, I don’t know, that it wasn’t like that. And that—is kind of like, to look back and say, “Oh, I thought I was happy but I wasn’t really. Now I know I wasn’t really happy.” I mean, it’s crazy.

And to attack, viciously, our religion is just, obviously I can’t condone that. It’s really despicable, you know.

And basically that’s—it’s what she’s done. She’s become a hater, you know. And that—it shows. That’s the path that she’s chosen and she’s going more and more down that road. It’s criminal.

But, and I don’t—it’s like, I would not lightly be out of touch with my daughter. But there is no question of anything else. It’s like, the choices that she’s made have taken her away from us. And the choices that she’s made, in my view, have taken her away from herself. She’s not the person that she was.