• Marc Headley
    Inciter of Violence and Religious Bigotry

    Marc Headley in blue shirt outside
    Marc Headley in blue shirt, smoking
    Marc Headley in blue shirt, glasses, smoking

    Like present day violence and religious bigotry being fought in today’s world, Marc Headley in his book and his Internet postings has incited hatred toward the leader of the Church of Scientology.

    In one instance, a disturbed individual who had read Headley’s incendiary posts on the Internet posted several messages threatening to “blow sh** up with guns and explosives, then raid the f*** out of scientology” and then admonishing the religion’s leader to “wear a bullet proof vest.”

    This was reported to the police and the individual was arrested on October 12, 2010. When he was arrested he was found with two AK 47s, several other rifles and many rounds of ammunition. All were seized by the police. In February 2010, a restraining order was obtained against him.

    Headley’s rants also triggered a sailor, who had merely read Headley’s book, to institute an online bomb threat requiring the Church to work with law enforcement to track him down and severely punish him.

    This individual admitted to law enforcement investigators that he was inflamed by Headley’s book, to threaten sending a “vehicle borne IED” [Improvised Explosive Device] to the residence of the leader of the Church, another to a Los Angeles Scientology Church and a third to an elementary school utilizing Mr. Hubbard’s education methods, which then necessitated evacuations by law enforcement personnel.

    Law enforcement officials identified Marc Headley’s book as the sole cause inflaming this individual to post this highly dangerous threat to life.