• Tony Pinder

    Former Colleague of Marc Headley


    My name’s Tony Pinder. I’m the Director of Post Production which means that after—in the studio we shoot things. I take it from the point of shooting to the point of export out of the organization.

    I’d been meeting with the guy who was running special effects and, you know, we’d be going over stuff. And Marc would wander in. And he’d kind of get into the communication and then he’d say something to the guy and then, like within about thirty seconds, they were on the floor, having a fight. They were like literally. And they were rolling over and it’s just like, you know, you’re calling someone to help you pull these guys apart. And then they’d get up and, like you know, he’d kind of, “Whoa. Ha. That was fun.” And that was—I mean we’re in the middle of a production and that was how he dealt with people.