• Tammy Lundeen

    Former Colleague of Claire Headley


    I knew Claire from before she joined the Sea Org, the day she joined the Sea Org, all the way through until the day that she left. So I knew her extremely well. We lived together, when we first arrived here we lived together in Los Angeles. And the whole time she was extremely positive about the work that she was doing here. I never heard her complain about anything. To the contrary, she raved to me about assistance that she got when she had a minor bike accident, of which all staff get such assistance. And she told me how great it was, how ideal it was to be here, how beautiful it was.

    We lived in an apartment in town for several years. And she then, after she got married to Marc, moved into a house very close by the property, nice house. And she said that this was an awesome place for her to be, and never once did she express any form of dissatisfaction ever in my presence, and I spent a long time with her.

    At Christmas we went to Big Bear. We went up to the mountains. We have a lake in our property and we would get jet skis at different festive occasions which Claire was very fond of doing. We went bowling in town, movie theaters in town. I mean we’re in a small place in California but, you know, for sure our facility is the most active and the best recreational center for miles and miles and miles around.

    She sold me, before she left, several hundred dollars of dresses and after she left I found out that they had all been stolen. This is the level of honesty of Claire and I wouldn’t have suspected that at the time but here she is, she sells me her dresses and they’re all stolen property.