• Stepheny Martinez

    Former Colleague of Marc Headley


    My name is Stepheny Martinez and I’ve worked for the Church of Scientology here at Golden Era Productions since 1993.

    When I actually really first started to know Marc Headley, that was in like either 2002 or 2003.

    Like here we were, working in the producer’s office of this great big studio and he was constantly messing around. And I would be repeatedly told to go find what he was doing and get him back to work, because he would be outside our visual effects studio messing around. Not doing any production and getting into like fisticuffs with another staff member.

    One day Marc Headley came to get me to show me what he had left in our co-worker’s desk. I followed him, he opened the drawer and inside there was a four-inch, fat, hairy, live tarantula crawling around in the desk drawer. Now, I find that disgusting, because despite my electrification because I don’t like spiders, and to see a four-inch live tarantula in an office space is pretty alarming, okay? To show you how evil Marc was, this co-worker of ours completely hated spiders. He could not handle the smallest of spiders. And Marc knew this. Marc absolutely knew this. So he did this just to play a prank on him to see how upset he could make him. And he found it completely funny.

    I was walking down the hallway of the studio and he approached me, smile on his face, “Hey, would you like a cup of coffee?” I said, “Sure.” He handed me a cup of coffee with a dead rat inside. Like he had actually taken the time to pull the rat’s tail through the lid on the coffee cup. And of course I was completely horrified by this and he thought it was completely funny and was laughing hysterically at me.

    One day he offered me some crackers. I think I ate about four of them. After I ate them, he started laughing and I was like, “What?” And he’s like, “Well, didn’t you notice?” And I’m like, “Notice what?” He had licked the salt off every single cracker before putting it back in the package and offering them to me, and he thought it was completely hysterical. And of course I was completely grossed out.

    And that’s Marc Headley.