• Robert Whitt

    Brother of Claire Headley


    I feel like by Claire going on this TV show, she’s trying to pull me and my family into some type of you know TV show Jerry Springer drama thing which is just not, it’s not the way we do things you know. We’re a very close family and we handle things closely with ourselves and it’s just, it’s really low class. Honestly.

    For some reason Claire gets the publicity because she’s the one that is selling her stories for I don’t know, tens of thousand dollars, whatever it is. So, all she’s doing is making money from her own actions and her own irresponsibility and leaving our family, instead of really trying to reconcile the upset.

    So the only purpose then for Claire’s part is to make money or to slander the Church more so, and spread more lies about the Church, which just goes to show why I have chosen not to be friendly with her. Because she’s spreading lies about my friends, and they’re lies. They’re proven in court to be lies about my friends.