• Nathan Story

    Former Colleague of Marc Headley


    I’m Nathan Story. I work at Golden Era Productions. I am over the pre-production of films.

    I worked with Marc Headley off and on from 1992 till he left in the early 2000s so I wasn’t with him all the time, but in many different capacities of his and mine I worked with him and the pervasive thing about Marc was he was very unreliable. And you couldn’t count on him. Like you would be, supposed to be at some place at five o’clock to go over some production cycle we were doing and he just wouldn’t show up.

    Marc used to live down the street from the Golden Era campus. We'd drive our motorcycles home. I lived on the other side of the street; he lived on the lower street. We'd either go by my house or his house on the way home or we'd go to the shops sometimes, we'd go to the gas station down the road or wherever we wanted to at the end of the night. We'd leave whenever we left and then we'd be back at work in the morning. But we did whatever we wanted.

    So, in terms of the life Marc Headley had when he was here at Golden Era Productions it was a very good life. Very well set up. Your berthing is provided, food’s provided, any recreation is provided, the facilities you work at are cutting edge. It’s a life that's set up to be as ideal as you could possibly get it so that you can work hard and then you also have your off time and he had all these things available to him. So there’s no, there’s no lack of whichever way you want to go and that’s what he had at his disposal.