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    Marc and Claire Headley filed a frivolous lawsuit that was laughed out of court, thoroughly discredited and the Headleys were ordered by the court to reimburse the Church more than $40,000. Their attempt to appeal the case was a dismal failure, with the court ruling that “the record overwhelmingly shows that the Headleys voluntarily worked for the [Church] because they believed it was the right thing to do” and “because they enjoyed it.” Also revealed in court proceedings was the fact that Marc Headley had been selling stories to the tabloids, raking in some $35,000. What they didn’t reveal to the tabloid press was the real reason they abandoned the Church and their family in the first place. Marc Headley secretly sold Church electronic equipment on e-Bay and pocketed the money. The day before he was to be questioned about the $15,000 in Church funds placed in his personal bank account, Headley took off. Today, the Headleys continue their personal vendettas against the Church and associate with the cyberterrorist hate group Anonymous.