• Katie Tisi

    Former Colleague of Claire Headley


    My name is Katie Tisi and I have worked at Golden Era Productions since 1993.

    So I first met Claire in 1993, probably the first day that I arrived to Golden Era Productions. And we became friends really fast and shortly thereafter I ended up working in the same area as her. So we ate together, we spent free time together and were generally together all the time, I mean to the point where people would call me Claire and call her Katie. Like that’s how much we were together. And, you know, within about two years of coming here I was getting married. She lent me her wedding dress for my wedding. She was the maid of honor in my wedding and that’s how close we were.

    I can’t think of a single time Claire ever complained to me. Like she never complained. I literally couldn’t tell you a single complaint that she ever told me. Like she enjoyed her job. She was happily married. She was happy to be here.

    Claire and I, we obviously were friends for many years while she was here. So I confided a lot in her, a lot, and she confided in me too, certainly in the earlier years and maybe less a little bit later. But then all of a sudden one day in 2005, like realize now we’ve been friends for 12 years or something like that. It’s a long time; over a decade of friendship. And then all of a sudden Claire ups and leaves with absolutely no communication, no warning. And it was shocking. I mean truly I was pretty upset at first and I realized, wow like here I was I thought I was a friend, and she never said a word, she never complained, she never said she was having trouble, she never asked for help and she knew without a doubt that I would have gone out of my way to help her, in an instant, with anything she ever wanted at any time.

    The thing I would say about Claire in hindsight, you know, looking back on the time when I knew her and the things that she did and now seeing really the results of what she did and having to review it for myself as thinking she was my friend the whole time and knowing in the end that all she did was betray. And she ups and leaves and says nothing and so forth is, Claire is the perfect, you know, poster child dictionary definition of a liar, of duplicity. She’s the person who is smiling with the sweet angelic smile while she has a knife in your back. And she did it to me and she did it to my friends and she did it to the people she was supposed to be helping on her job and she did it to a lot of people.

    So you know if you were to sum up Claire, it’s like, you know, the epitome of covertly hostile and, you know, the angel with a knife at every turn. And no one would have even known it until, you know, you look at it in hindsight and you’re like, “Wow.”