• John Gonzalvez

    Former Colleague of Marc Headley


    My name is John Gonzalves. I’m the Director of Photography here at Golden Era Productions and I’ve been working for Golden Era Productions since 1989.

    We at Golden Era are Scientologists and we’re passionate about what we do. Like, you know, if you have something that you feel is going to help people who are having problems with different things and in life, then you feel obliged to do something about it. And that’s the way I feel and that’s way my colleagues feel. We feel like we really want to help our fellow man. That’s why we've dedicate our lives to this. So Marc was not here to do that. He was here to, on his own agenda to do, you know, benefit himself and, you know, he was kind of just loafing along. He was, you know, in the guise of help.

    The way Marc did his job, it’s kind of like if he wasn’t there would have gone on just as fine, just fine without him. It wasn’t like he was some integral part of the team that really drove it forward. What Marc’s, his work attitude or what you would call that, it was pretty kind of sloppy. I mean he was kind of loose. He was a loose kind of guy. He liked to just do his own thing.

    It’s just not a guy I would hire because I know he’d be off doing something else, he might have his hand in the till, he would be off doing his own little projects, he’d be wasting my time, he’d be burning my—doing lord knows what. He’s that kind of guy. He’s a lackadaisical, kind of just bit of a bum. I mean he’s not a guy that’s trustworthy, and he has criminal tendencies. I mean he was embezzling money from the organization. So that’s Marc Headley.