• Geraldine Whitt

    Mother of Claire Headley


    She’s spreading lies about me and my family. And she’s spreading upset. And, you know, she’s reaching out to other family members and causing unhappiness and upset. That’s what she’s doing. That’s not positive. It’s not loving, it’s not right. It’s very very harmful and it’s very wrong. And it’s disgusting.

    She basically abandoned us. We didn’t abandon her. You know? She was 30 years old and she just left overnight.

    I think it’s awful that Claire and Marc have hooked up with, gone into agreement with, or aligned their actions with Anonymous, which is totally a hate group. And basically that’s what she’s done. She’s become a hater. And it shows. That’s the path that she’s chosen.

    She’s saying things which are not truthful, twisting things, and attacking our Church. And I cannot condone that.

    By her actions of attacking the Church, Claire is totally attacking us as well. Because she knows that we’re Scientologists and she knows that we absolutely would not want that to happen. And she knows that she’s not being truthful. I know that she knows that she’s not being truthful.

    They’ve used that controversy to go to places that, media type outlets that feed on controversy and conflict to make news stories and to make money. So even though their court case was thrown out by the judge, it hasn’t stopped them from using that to stir up conflicts about Scientology.

    She’s actively doing harm, and that’s what she’s made it her game. Not only a game I suppose, perhaps even a profession. I’m sure she’s making money out of this.