• Anke Sutter

    Former Colleague of Claire Headley


    I’ve known Claire Headley since the early ’90s and I worked with her for ten years in the same organization. And I also shared a house with her which we lived at off the campus.

    Claire as a person was very much, I would say, a self-centered person who was very much interested in herself and in her own interests and getting what she wanted. And she was not really interested in other people and how—their well-being.

    The main reason that Claire was removed from her position was her dishonesty and her propensity to false report and lie and not be truthful and not deal with straight facts and have this hidden agenda on, “What can I get out of it for myself.”

    So we lived off-campus in a regular house. She had her dog, beautiful Dalmatian. She would have a car. She drove home. She had no restrictions in terms of where she could go or not go.

    She was looked after in terms of anything she needed. Never had to ask for anything twice, whether that be medical handlings, uniforms, snacks.

    She did not come across as someone who was under stress or having a stressful experience or a stressful existence. To the contrary. She always seemed happy.