• Amber Mellor

    Cousin of Claire Headley


    Claire used to write me at Christmas. Sometimes she’d send me pictures of them here, saying I’d love for you to come here. She actually worked, when I was not even here a lot so that I could get—you know you have to work up in the Church to come here—so I could move here. And she sent me photos of her with her dog, her and Marc. And a couple of times I met Marc, he’d come to the Freewinds where I worked. And he’d say oh we can’t wait for you to come to Golden Era. It would be great to have you there it’s so awesome and all these good things. And they were constantly working for me to come and work here and they’re always talking about it, and sending me their pictures of them at New Year’s. And oh we have this dog—so several times I got different correspondence like that or a letter or a card or you know. Sometimes I had bumped into, gone and seen, bumped onto Gen a couple of times or with our family in England. And I had you know, you always go oh yeah and Claire sent us cards and she just got married to Marc and she’s doing fantastic. And you know for my grandma and stuff and they've been different things over the years. So for her to say oh that’s not how it was—she’s just a liar. She just is.

    She is just a liar, she’s a witch is actually what she is. Like she’s just cold. What was funny though is when I came and worked here, you know when your family are very tight. She’s always like never let you totally in so I always felt like we were never close because she was always you know, there was not a lot of love there. But our family were Irish, you love you know everything in your family so family is very tight and there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of love, that’s just how the family is, you know what I mean? So it was always kind of funny to me that she could always—it was kind of like this aloofness and I was like okay fine you know what I mean? Like whatever. Like I was closer to a lot more of the other family than her and a lot more of the staff here just because you weren’t like an aside to them you know what I mean?

    I know that her husband was stealing and doing things that were definitely not okay, and violating many things of the Church. And she was too, she had done several violations of things that you just don’t do. Scriptural procedures that she absolutely did wrong knowingly and did things that you know that are just not okay in any standard of anything. So all I can say she’s like a scorned woman or scorned child you know like they know they did something wrong but they’re trying to be right. And she’s this person like you know crying wolf when she knows exactly what she did and she knows exactly why she is doing what she’s doing and she’s trying to be right about something that she knows full well, full well that she’s not right about. And now she’s just fabricating stuff because she wants money.

    Like this is not a person who actually cares. You know like when, when my grandma died and I was flying out there and she had been there before I arrived, I arrived later. They were all out at dinner and I said “well how did it go” and you know my dad saying well she’s, they’re at the wake and they’re at dinner and she just starts railing on her stepfather just like hysterically railing. I mean this is at my grandma’s funeral. Like nasty, nasty like what are you doing? Like you know, like her mom just lost her mom like why can’t you just be nice? I mean they just lost, you know we lost our grandma and they lost their mother and she’s trying to make it into some family feud. This is just—is a despicable thing, it’s not what you do at such events. So you know my dad and brother were like whoa, this is not like you know—my dad was grieving the loss of his mother and there’s this—it’s her grandmother but she’s not you know, they lost their mother and she’s there trying to make it about herself.

    Well if she’s so into family and if she actually cared then why is she doing everything that she’s doing? This is our religion, why is she going in there, like she’s just lying, she’s to me, frankly, she’s like a human rights violator. I mean it’s our religion and she’s like outright railing against it. And you are like, “Who are you?” What are you trying to do? That’s already someone who couldn’t care about family, because when you care about family you respect what they believe and you respect what they do and who they are and that they make choices for what they think and feel. And she obviously doesn’t because that’s not what she’s doing. And her brothers and sister, her brother and her sisters are doing very well and so is her mom. And I’m like, “What would you do that?” Why would you rail against something that you know is very near and dear—her family’s religion. If she did care about her family she wouldn’t ever do that because she would love despite all. And I’m like, this is not someone who must truly care. She obviously doesn’t or she wouldn’t do that. She wouldn’t try and create this upset and all this commotion and lying and talking out bout—I mean it’s really kind of embarrassing and insulting. You don’t love your family because if you loved your family, how you love family, you respect everything about them and love everything about them and that’s not what she is. She’s not about love, she’s all about hate. And it’s all hate and spite and that’s what—that’s her game, and that’s not, that’s not what the family is.