• The Story Behind Marc Headley’s Theft of Church Property

    Here’s a story Headley chose not to include in his hate-filled book.

    Records show that in his final days before being expelled from the Church of Scientology, Marc Headley was caught in the throes of a criminal scheme, selling off equipment belonging to the Church for his personal profit on eBay.

    While the overview of this story has been covered in a video produced by Freedom Magazine exposing Headley for his fraud, the public at large deserves the details to know just how fraudulent and criminal this man is.

    An interview with a Church staff member who investigated the online accounts Headley used to sell off Church property recounts these details, “[Marc] had been selling off equipment that was no longer being used—which was projectors, tape decks, headphones and so forth. All of the money, I found, had been going into his personal PayPal account. It wasn’t his own equipment he was selling, but it was going into his personal account.”

    “He had no records, he didn’t have any log of what he’d sold and how much he’d sold it for. There were no spreadsheets that he kept, nothing like that. He literally would go look on the shelf, ‘okay I’ve got a projector,’ good, put it on eBay. ‘I have one Eiki projector for sale, $500.00.’ Someone buys it, he prints off a shipping label and it goes out. He didn’t keep any logs, no ledgers of what he’d sold, no spreadsheets, nothing.”

    “I ended up putting together a spreadsheet on this, just using the data that I could find in his accounts to be able to reconstruct what had happened. He’d accumulated approximately $14,000 in his personal PayPal account of Church funds.”

    For the record, here’s a picture of Marc when he used to work for the Church and of him after he was expelled for his criminal conduct.

    Marc Headley before and after being at Gold base
    Marc Headley when he used to work for the Church (left) and after he was expelled for his criminal conduct.

    Headley now touts himself as being a professional anti-Scientologist and spends his days being paid by tabloids for spreading lies about the Church, making up stories like his “human trafficking” claim that are so unreliable he can’t even tell them the same way twice—whether selling lies to the media or putting them in his “book.”

    As we continue to expose this hatemonger, we also encourage anyone reading this to recognize him for who he is.