• Marc Headley
    What’s Yours is Mine

    Throughout his life in the Church Marc Headley has been a habitual thief, taking what belongs to others for his own use.

    Headley once stole a laser disc system monitor off Church delivery stocks shelves without authorization. Another time he stole clothes out of the costume department that belonged to an actor.

    He ripped off a radio and computer screen, as well as a bicycle belonging to another staff member that he damaged and refused to fix.

    Headley fleeced a woman by selling her a Yamaha motorcycle on eBay for $1,500, a bike worth only about $500. Headley lied about the mileage, claiming it was less than one-third of what it actually was.

    Headley’s thievery culminated in January 2005, when he left the Church on his motorcycle under a cloud of suspicion. Headley had just been caught red handed stealing projectors from the Church and selling then on eBay. A review of his accounts revealed Headley took the illicit proceeds and funneled them into his personal bank account to the tune of $15,490.

    That was the final straw. Headley was expelled from the Church for his dishonesty and criminal conduct because no one trusts a liar and a thief.