• Marc Headley
    Perfecting The Art of Laziness and Getting Out of Doing His Job

    In April 1990, Marc Headley was a chronic time waster who worked full time at getting out of work.

    He never took meetings seriously. His uniform was a mess. The backlog in his area piled up, and he even refused to pay his rent.

    In 1991 while working in quality control he falsified his results. He dumped his work on other staff members, who had to stay up half the night to finish it. Headley screwed up one job so badly that 1,000 cassettes had to be discarded. His reaction was to describe his work ethic: he works when he feels like it.

    Then there was a time when Headley failed to make sure copies of a film were ready for an event. When paged, he wouldn’t answer. The film needed to be ready, but Headley was nowhere to be found.

    When another staff member reported that Headley did not show up prior to an event, Headley came storming into his office yelling and punched the guy in the face. That was followed by a wrestling match before Headley stormed out of the room.

    Marc Headley in the 1990s

    Once, Headley was working as crew chief on a shoot. But all he did was whine, refusing to take responsibility. When on the set, instead of calling the shots he would be chatting with people and would become belligerent if anyone tried to get him to work. He wouldn’t even watch shots played back to see if they were correct.

    Another time, Headley stole a network hub that was in use, shutting down an entire project for hours. When confronted, Headley acted like a child, refusing to apologize or admit that he knew it was part of an operational system. Thirty hours of production time were lost.

    Headley continually altered an order to sort out the systems when he was Assistant Producer for Films & Video. He never completed it. He was removed from two separate posts for false reporting and not doing his job—Producer Gold and Dir AV Manufacturing. After that, he was assigned to work as the AV Systems Officer, again failing to take responsibility. He had a history of “winging” it.

    Marc Headley was always trying to scoot around the issue, and frankly, avoid work.

    Headley refused to lift a finger to ensure the systems were being done. On one project he created a $300,000 backlog, wasted at least $100,000 and hundreds of hours of staff time then, when conveniently away, stabbed a fellow staff member in the back by making it look like his colleague was at fault.

    As one former colleague said: “Marc Headley was always trying to scoot around the issue, and frankly, avoid work. So he didn’t fit. And he was at odds with the staff most of the time.”

    Another stated: “He tried to act like someone who knew a lot about cabling and different types of TVs and computers and things of this nature, but it was really sloppy work that he would do. And even when he was wiring up computers in our new studio, it was the worst nightmare of wiring to deal with and had to get completely redone. It caused headaches for years. It was the most unprofessional thing you could possibly imagine.”

    That’s Marc Headley. Work when you feel like it, let others do your work, screw up every chance you have and when you do, make sure someone else gets blamed.