• Stephanie Lanteigne

    Sister of Marc Headley


    Marc’s claims about his desperation and upset to rekindle our relationship quite frankly is a bunch of crock. Our relationship wasn’t good prior to that and anything that he has done has made it dedicatedly worse and the worse that it had ever been. He never, whether written communication, presents, love, care, how are you doing, this was not part and parcel of Marc’s general routine. Not with his father, not with his mother, and not with me. So he—none of this has been towards the purpose of rekindling our relationship.

    I came to know, like have knowledge of Marc’s involvement with this cyber-terrorist group because Marc has used information that he knows about me personally which has then been spread in the streets where I was living and where I was working, which if he’s trying to make a, you know, effort to regain my love and my wonderful family connection, it did anything but that. It was embarrassing and untruthful and Marc has made it a point to go to places even that he knows that I have been. Many of his friends, family members, his wife’s family members and make a spectacle of himself and bring up our names and our personal lives into this, again, for the sake of some monetary achievement or gain. But again, doing it in such a way, it’s—it’s quite frankly, it’s completely embarrassing. It’s a disgrace for our family. This is not the morals that my parents brought us up to be, and nor did my father raised us to be. It has nothing to do with being a respectable human being. It’s pretty disgusting and it really has, it’s an embarrassment for myself and my mother.

    I believe that deep downside, Marc is absolutely a coward. Since we were children he has been running this little game of bullying or trying to act stronger or bigger, pushy, all on the result to make others inferior. But in the end he never resolves whatever the conflict is. When we were children he would run to his father, didn’t resolve it with mom, go run to daddy. Leave the Church, again, go run to daddy for coverage, get closure from somebody else that he can complain about what everybody did to him. He couldn’t stand up to it.

    Marc is a complete and utter toxic personality to anybody, whether in business as a family, as a friend, you know that if you are going to work with him, your well-being and your success is not what’s in it. It’s, what is he going to gain and if you are taking that away from him or he’s missing out, that’s—that’s his agenda. Not you, it’s just him, that couldn’t be more toxic in the work world or in a religion or in a relationship because that’s not how people live together and how they grow and succeed and that’s not what Marc is all about.

    I guess he’s so, you know, bent on whatever destruction that he can’t make an honest living as a normal human being just like the rest of us with a job that gives to the community and exchanges something valuable, that he has to try to dish you know, lies and dirt on people to create some propaganda so that somebody pays him off. This is—this is all it’s for. He’s not helping me, he’s not helping his mother, he’s definitely not helping himself or his father. So it’s all just a means to get more money and again it’s to get a quick buck and get some cash and do whatever it is that he thinks he’s doing to get his own way. That’s what he’s trying to do.

    When Marc was working with me many years ago, before he left, he was entrusted to take a bunch of Church equipment and sell these items so that we could recoup that investment towards the project that was supposed to be done, which was directly his responsibility. Instead of doing that to the tune of over 10 to 15 thousand dollars worth of Church funds and recompense that came from these materials, were put through his own personal accounts. This evidence was located and at the time an investigation was being done to get the straight facts on what occurred because it was obvious that this is where the money had gone. And when Marc was given the opportunity, and the day he was to give his side of the story and explain himself, because he’s the one who did it, that is when he left unannounced. Never, never came clean on it, never told anybody what really happened one way or the other. And all we were left with was what he had sold and the money that he took, and the money that he used which was not for the purpose for the Church and he embezzled those funds and took them plain and simple.

    On top of that, when this occurred, Marc and I were brother and sister and he had the capability of picking up my weekly pay. And to top it off, he very strategically went and acquired my pay before he left. And stole his little sister’s pay with no word to me, never apologized. It is a good 11, 12 years later and not once has he made good on that. Just as me being his sister. And that just shows you, if he really cared about me, he could have taken the time to apologize and make right what occurred as a fellow companion at work and as his only sister.

    I never felt that when we were growing up since about the age of 9 years old that he cared about our family or the effects that he was creating. With all the arguments that Marc got into—the petty fights and serious fights that him and I got into, bullying me, punching me, back and forth. I was always smaller, it was evident that I would never win that fight physically. And all these times and several incidents, family was not his concern. He wanted to be right and he wanted to prove his point and nothing else mattered whether it was his mother, his baby brother, his little sister, even his father which he claims that he cared. He didn’t care about him either.

    When Marc was at school, we also had trouble, starting from when we were about, I would say actually 5 or 6 years old, from summer camps to Montessori schools, you name it, Marc was troublesome. My mother would be called and my father, about problems, accidents, fights, arguments, misbehaving, attitude problems. This definitely was a regular occurrence literally from the ages of, you know, 6 or 7 years old. All the way through to when we left school when we were teenagers, he was definitely a source of trouble and Mark was belligerent.

    One time he locked me out of the house and got onto a big argument with me over cleaning. Like this was not a major incident, this was cleaning the house. And as a result he locked me out of the house when I was 9 years old, a child. Pushed me out physically from the back door. I hurt myself and as a result we got, you know, angry at one another and I punched the window in and ended up having to go to the hospital with serious stitches, 21 stitches on my hand, bleeding. And I was left like that for a few hours until my mom discovered this when she got home, with him waiting there to see the consequences.

    Marc and I would swim often in our apartment building when we were children and we are always in the pool during the summer time. And he thought it was a great game to hold me under the water as long as he could until he knew I couldn’t breathe. And this was a game. Marc thought this was funny and humorous and I would get upset and on the verge of crying, if not crying and not being able to breathe. And he would laugh and he would hold me with one hand, like this, with little effort and just pin me under the water until I couldn’t take it anymore. 

    For many years Marc and I worked with each other on our jobs. We, sometimes were in the same area, like we worked side by side. This happened for maybe a year or so—not a good idea, that did not go well, we did not work well together. Marc was very belligerent again when we were working on our jobs in our organizations, he wanted to do things his own way. There were definitely standards. We worked in an area where there was a lot of audio visual standards, technicalities, it’s not a matter of opinions or you know, random policy. This was set, concrete technical factors. Marc did not keep to these. He would get very argumentative with me to the point that we again, would get in physical fights with each other, the same bullying thing would happen and he would pan it off as like, I was just being his little sister, but this was in a professional background that we were now working, we were adults, this was not about brother and sister, it was very unprofessional.

    He would take little things that he knew would upset people. On a specific occasion he worked closely with another executive that had a fear of spiders and a very intense fear of spiders. And he went out and made the effort to find a tarantula that was alive and stuck this in this person’s drawer so that when he came back to his office to work, he found a live tarantula crawling in his office. And Marc thought this was the funniest thing ever. And the guy wasted hours and hours of production being completely terrified and upset about it and he thought it was just one big practical joke.